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I am very excited to help introduce a new series of amazing and affordable backdrops from


Let me give you a little background... Brian is the founder of Smed & Co. It has taken blood, sweat and tears to make this dream come true.

An early love for photography and a passion for color and design put him on this journey of being able to produce and deliver stylish backdrops for creative photographers.

It’s no secret that his workshop is placed in Indonesia, where the small team of skilled and experienced painters, some academy graduates, others trained in the craft, and nearly all materials are locally manufactured.

Are they that innovative? Yes and no, because they make their backdrops as they think offer the most value for you and your clients That includes a flatter type of canvas for their roller backdrops, but they always stand behind their work and materials where quality is always a keyword.

This introduction is all about a series of muslin backdrops, which is a cotton backdrop dyed and then hand painted before being folded.

Once received, you must steam or steam iron the backside, and massage the fabric with your hands before it becomes soft and free of wrinkles. The more they are used, the softer and better they become, so just crumple them up in a bag when you go on location , or roll it on a tube.

A special offer can be found further down, so please continue to read about this super backdrop.



Look at the beautiful colour, and the subtle texture....I am not a fan of too much texture, although Smed & Co can do that for you as just need to ask.

The funny thing is that very often the backdrops are as beautiful on the reverse as on the front. Here I have used the front, and it has been steamed (not the floor).

This is a different background, where I have used the reverse...I love it. The texture is still pretty subtle.


Currently, Smed & Co have 2 different sizes in 8 different designs. Here they are shown, straight out of the bag, not steamed.

Size of all backdrops on above images is 2,5 x 3 meters.


This is the front of the previous image. I love how subtle it is as it does not distract from what is important. - I have just added a painters drop to create interest. This is a warm editing.

Same backdrop, but this is the reverse. Actually, I got two for one, see ?....

This is a colder tone editing.

Unpacking and hanging of a giant muslin backdrop from Smed & Co. This is so great for families, dancers etc. You can custom order this.


I swear I didn't come up with this myself, haha...but this is your code ! Your code to even more goodness !

Size.                                                Regular price                      SweetUlla15%                                Weight.
2.5 x 3m / 8 x 10ft.                        1270Dkr / 170€                  1080Dkr / 145€                             1.55 Kg.
3 x 4 m / 10 x 13ft                          1865Dkr / 250€                 1500Dkr / 210€                            2.55 Kg.


Please note that these prices are without Danish VAT and you obviously have to pay shipping as well.

If you have special wishes for your unique backdrop to suit your needs, please contact Brian and he will do what he can to fulfill your dreams.


In order to obtain this great price, you have to mention "SweetUlla15" when you order.

Order or questions at

Phone / Whatsapp +45 2840 7602


Or find us that

Enjoy your new, awesome and affordable backdrop !

Thanks for reading,


PS Disclaimer ! I do not get any monetary payment for this recommendation - it comes straight from the heart.

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