"30 WOMEN"

In 2021 I start photographing for my project

"30 WOMEN"


I would love YOU to join me on this one of a kind adventure.


I challenge all the amazing women out there to step on the other side of the camera and exist in photographs !


My goal is to photograph a wide variety of women, of all shapes and sizes. Women with different tastes, of different backgrounds, and different views of life. Women with one thing in common: they want to feel and look beautiful.

We are such strong, desirable, and vibrant beings. I want to show your beauty even if you haven’t seen it with your own eyes yet, or felt it in your soul.

Join me along with other mature women by participating in this project that will transform the way you feel in your own skin.

A total of 30 women will be selected and photographed, culminating with an exhibition and celebration as well as a feature in a

special magazine at the end of the project.

Celebrating the strength, wisdom and beauty of women.

It's about so much more than just "taking pretty pictures." My hope is for you to connect with yourself, see your beauty and your strength the way others already see you - capture it with my camera and then show it back to you.

Many women find themselves sacrificing so much for their partners, their children and their careers, that they have not done anything for themselves in years. But also, as they mature, they have hopefully given up the notion that happiness exists within a certain shape or size.
It is time to celebrate YOU, just the way you are, because you deserve it.
But women do not want to be photographed. This is unfortunately something all women have in common. I want to create a new vision and a new perspective to disrupt old ways of thinking through a portrait experience. It is time for women to show up to be seen authentically in photographs, online as well as in our homes. By creating an opportunity to be vulnerable, I design a session to create portraits to empower you, which in turn will elevate yourself and those around you. You will see yourself as confident, powerful, authentic and beautiful. Trust me !
One day your children will be looking for photographs of you - what will they find ?

    Send me your contact information using the form below. You will soon receive confirmation to your email, and I will contact you to schedule your fun and empowering portrait experience. This will be a confidence boost for yourself, or perhaps you would like to include your daughter, best friend, sister or another amazing woman ?.

    It is such a great way to celebrate you and your journey as well as sharing your story with all the people who love you.


    You will arrive ready and gorgeous to the studio with hair and makeup done on the day of the photo shoot (you will look & feel amazing which will show in your images!). And when it is time to your fully guided professional photo shoot I will direct, guide and pose you, so you look relaxed, beautiful, and connected. And remember that you have full access to the amazing studio wardrobe. I can't wait to create the portraits you have always dreamed about. - Be prepared to feel great afterwards !


    Two weeks after your photoshoot we will see each other again for your Photo Reveal (if you live far away we can schedule an appointment on Skype), and here you will see all of your most beautiful gallery of portraits - and this is also when you will decide what you want to purchase.


    You will of course only buy what you truly love.


    You will be featured in a special magazine that will cover the entire project "30 Women" !

    Your photos will be published on social media.

    On top of that you’ll be invited to an Exclusive Exhibition at the studio at the end of the project to celebrate YOU and the other gorgeous women who participated in this amazing project! What an exiting day this will be.

    After the Exhibition you get to take home your photograph!


  • To have photographs of yourself that you are proud of.

  • To do something nice for yourself for a change.

  • To honor what makes you beautiful and unique.

  • To embrace every freckle, line and scar no matter your age, shape or size.

  • To inspire other women to appreciate themselves !

  • To stand in your own power with body-positivity, strength and courage.

  • To learn to love the reflection looking back at you in the mirror.

  • To make sure you exist in photographs

I am offering this special promotion for ONLY 499,- for this project (Regular Price 999,-)

IMPORTANT: If you wish to purchase images from your photo shoot, I will credit the 499,- payment towards a Memory Box of your choice.

Years from now there will not be USBs and CDs to store and keep your precious photographs safe. Therefore your beautiful photographs of a long gone era will be protected within your elegant Memory Box, handcrafted to last you a lifetime and beyond for those you leave behind to enjoy for many years ahead.

A photo session experience culminating in an exhibition and celebration of 30 WOMEN and their stories.

At the end of this project, I will select my favourite portrait from the session that will be included in my exclusive magazine "30 Women"and the Exhibition. Together we will celebrate all of the amazing women participating in this project and you are welcome to invite your girlfriends to come and applaud every woman who had the courage to step ourside her comfort zone and be part of this amazing project.

Your photos will also be published on my social media platforms. You would therefore have to agree to all of the following :

- Photos can be used on social media, print media, website, and any other marketing materials. There will be a form for you to fill out before we start planning, so make sure you are ok with it.

- You really should be there to attend the exhibition to be held at the Studio at the completion of this project beginning of 2022....it will be great, I promise !

Tel.: +45 9180 9990


Sessions are limited

"It is so important for women to exist in photographs. This is the beginning of you to create your legacy not only for yourself, but for many generations to come". - ULLA JENSEN


Hi, I am Ulla, your photographer. I see your beauty.

I am passionate about photographing women, and making them feel beautiful.

Ring eller skriv til mig, ganske uforpligtende, hvis du ønsker information på dansk.